April 12, 2015


Inspections show wrongdoings at Khalifa

Testimonies made by suspects and witnesses involved in the Century Trial showed that Khalifa Bank was inspected by the Bank of Algeria which found out wrongdoings in management.

Scandals revealed by inspections

Since the Khalifa Bank started operated in 1998, it had been inspected periodically by the Bank of Algeria as part of banks activity follow"......

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March 18, 2015


Businessmen and ministers store their money at HSBC's Swiss bank

A preliminary list of Algerians who have accounts at HSBC's Swiss bank showed names of businessmen, billionaires, football stars, a war veteran and a former minister.

Algerian websites Tuesday revealed 53 names involved in the Swiss leak scandal.

According to an investigation carried out by Maghreb Emergent website, a total of 440 Algerians have $671 million at the Swiss bank. Other websites revealed other names in a preliminary list. Of them, a company’s owner"......

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