September 15, 2014


Opening of Algerian air space to private airlines, a 'must'

The opening of air space to private airlines is a "must," Minister of Transport Amar Ghoul said Sunday, adding that national interest is a priority.

"The opening of air space to private airlines is a must, but it would not be done to the detriment of national airlines," the minister told Liberté Daily forum.


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September 11, 2014


Air Algerie set to host the African Airline Association’s 46th Annual General Assembly

Air Algerie, the national airline of Algeria, will be the host for the upcoming AFRAA Annual General Assembly due to be held in November.

African aviation buffs and observers will know that the who is who from the continent’s airlines will be there and that notably this will also set the closing stage for Kenya Airways’ CEO Dr. Titus Naikuni who has been at the helm of the airline since early 2003 and will retire at the end of November this year.

No doubt will special honours await him as he makes his last appearance in that official capacity.

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September 8, 2014


Air Algérie aircraft accidents: Ministry of Transport opens thorough, detailed investigation

Minister of Transport, Amar Ghoul said announced Sunday in Algiers, the opening of a "thorough and detailed investigation" into aircraft accidents within the National airline company "Air Algérie."

"Stringent measures have been taken as a thorough and detailed investigation was opened by the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Transport into Air Algérie,""...

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September 7, 2014


Air Algérie Plane returned to Constantine airport after 10 minutes of flight due to an engine combustion

Over 61 passengers, who were on board of an Air Algerie plane for an internal flight between the airport of Mohamed Boudiaf in Constantine (eastern Algeria) and Houari Boumediene airport in Algiers, lived nearly a quarter of an hour in hysterical fear, which turned once the plane flew, to screech and terror among travelers and passengers of all ages, especially when the pilot decided to return to the runway after ten minutes of the flight.


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August 31, 2014


Ukrainian plane crashes in Algeria's desert, no survival found

An Ukrainian cargo plane crashed on Saturday at around 1:40 GMT in the province of Tamenrasset, in the extreme south of Algeria, while no survival was found by rescue teams, local media reported.

Citing a statement of the Transport Ministry, the state-run television said the Antonov-12 type jet which carried seven passengers including crew team crashed in a mountainous"...

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