May 5, 2015


Ministry of Interior Launches Brainstorming Session to Promote Innovation in Developing Ideas for Child Protection

The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center initiated a brainstorming session to generate creative ideas in the field of child protection. The initiative, a first of its kind in this field, has been implemented in a methodical manner, in accordance with specific rules by Expert Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Omar Ibrahim Al Ali, Deputy Director the Creativity and Leadership Development Center. Present at the session were an elite group of Zayed University students.


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April 25, 2015


Algiers airport workers to launch a strike on Sunday

Employees of conducting the interests and services of Algiers International and Internal Airport, launch here on Saturday, a strike and vowed to paralyze all services of the airport, because the administration decided to punish and lay off the striking workers and the failure of the Ministerial Inquiry Commission to reach any result, and keeping the ground demands stuck without any realization, which will affect the international and national flights that volatility will notice, on Sunday, a paralysis through the cancellation"...

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