January 19, 2018


Intersolar and Power2Drive Europe 2018: Solar Power Generates Mobility

(AETOS Wire) -- E-mobility is much more than just the clean mobility solution of the future. When electric vehicles are fueled by solar power, it also drives the deployment of photovoltaics forward. Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, and Power2Drive Europe, the new exhibition for e-mobility and charging infrastructure, held June 20–22, 2018 in Munich, Germany under the umbrella of The smarter E Europe, will thus showcase the diverse"...

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January 18, 2018


Personalisation Drives Auto Accessories Market Growth in KSA

The auto accessories market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is witnessing steady growth bolstered by a growing population and use of personal vehicles due to limited public transportation. Personalisation is quickly becoming a strong differentiator as customers look for ways to make their vehicles stand out. As automotive demand in the region remains weak, accessories become a viable option to boost dealers’ profitability.

Frost &"...

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January 15, 2018


Panasonic Develops Scalable ''ePowertrain'' Platform for Small EVs

(AETOS Wire) -- Panasonic Corporation announced on Jan. 9, 2018 that it has developed a scalable 'ePowertrain' platform, a solution for the effective development of small electric vehicles (EVs). The platform is a systematized application of devices used in the EVs of major global carmakers, and is intended to contribute to the advancement of the coming mobility society.


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January 11, 2018


Britain's new Volkswagen Polo - out of Africa

Volkswagen Group South Africa still builds the fourth and fifth generation Polos at its Uitenhage factory near P.E. in the Eastern Cape. Following a major investment in the MQB A0 architecture, the plant is now also producing the new, sixth generation model for export to other RHD countries. The made-in-Africa Polo is now available in Britain.

The first cars were delivered to dealers in LHD European countries from October. These are built in Spain.


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January 9, 2018


ABB and Formula E Partner to Write the Future of E-Mobility

(AETOS Wire) -- ABB and Formula E are teaming up in a ground-breaking partnership to champion e-mobility for a sustainable future. Since its first race in Beijing in September 2014, Formula E has established itself as the number one all-electric international motor sport. In the next level of development, global pioneering technology leader ABB is bringing its name and innovation and technology leadership to the series, which will be now known as the “ABB FIA Formula E Championship.”


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January 9, 2018


Maxion Wheels to Open New Passenger Car Aluminum Wheel Plant in Pune, India

(AETOS Wire) -- Maxion Wheels, the world’s largest wheel manufacturer, announced today the formation of a new legal entity, Maxion Wheels Aluminum India Private Limited, as a key step in its plan to develop and produce up to four million light vehicle aluminum wheels annually in India. The Company has secured property in Pune, India and will initially build a 25,000 square meters manufacturing plant with annual capacity of two million wheels beginning production expected for"...

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January 9, 2018


Realigned Business Models Set to Support Companies in a Challenging KSA Automotive Parts Aftermarket

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) automotive parts aftermarket is undergoing significant changes that are pushing companies to realign their business models with new conditions. Declining demand for new cars, growing competition, and change in brand preferences are opening up fresh business opportunities for parts suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

Frost & Sullivan’s industry docket,"...

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January 4, 2018


WayRay to Demo First Ever Holographic AR Navigation System with SDK Availability at CES 2018

(AETOS Wire)-- WayRay, a Swiss developer of holographic AR navigation systems for cars, is coming to CES 2018 to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies: - NAVION, the world’s first ever holographic AR navigator - An advanced version of the embedded Holographic AR Display - True AR SDK for Holographic AR Displays - Element, a gamified car tracker for smarter driving NAVION gets its first ever public showcase after 4 years of R&D. For OEMs, WayRay will demonstrate the new multicolored version of the world’s first holographic AR Infotainment System for cars. Following the first successful demo in the Rinspeed Oasis Car at CES 2017, this year we are proud to show off its newest version. It has an extremely wide field of view and even smaller projector's volume. For developers, WayRay will demo our True AR SDK and announce the AR Developers Contest & Hackathon with a total prize......

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January 2, 2018


BMW X7, Jaguar E-Pace... 5 crucial new cars for 2018

Last year confirmed that the design input and consumer trend away from sedans and hatchbacks, towards crossovers and SUVs, is the destiny guiding all automotive design.

As such, expectations for 2018 are dominated by vehicles with a useful amount of ground clearance and five-doors. The noteworthy announcements for this year are to a fault, nearly all SUVs and crossovers. Although this design direction is lamented by some, the truth is that for South Africans it’s great news, as our outdoor lifestyle, richness"...

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January 2, 2018


Velodyne Slashes the Price in Half of Its Most Popular LiDAR Sensor

(AETOS Wire) -- Led by inventor and entrepreneur David Hall, Velodyne LiDAR – the world leader in 3D vision systems and advanced safety for autonomous vehicles – today announced a significant cost reduction for its VLP-16 Puck, which will spur hope and excitement for the development of safe autonomous vehicles that are accessible to all. Velodyne’s most popular LiDAR sensor, the VLP-16, is now offered to customers around the world for up to a 50 percent cost reduction.


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