August 30, 2015


Back to School – An Important Time for Road Safety Around Schools and School buses

  • Chaotic traffic at drop-off and pick-up times
  • Lack of proper behavior around school buses
  • Students need to be educated about road safety

With the imminent ‘back to school’ period, the usual scenes of chaotic traffic around schools around drop-off and pick-up times will be omnipresent again. It is the mix of time pressure and the mixture of dense vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, arriving school buses and bicycles which makes the traffic around schools so demanding. The biggest"...

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August 27, 2015


Apollo Tyres Expands Manchester United Partnership to 129 Countries

Taking forward its very fruitful association with Manchester United Football Club, leading tyre maker, Apollo Tyres today announced the extension of this association to the whole of Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Brunei. This is in addition to the existing association spanning 67 countries in Asia, Europe and few countries of Africa.

Marco Paracciani, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd, commenting"...

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August 18, 2015


Seiko Instruments (SII) Releases New LDO Regulator with Reset Function in Smaller Package for Automotive Applications

(ME NewsWire)-- Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the release of the S-19311 Series automotive high input 36V LDO regulator with reset function, adopting a newly developed compact package TO-252-5S with high heat dissipation. The S-19311 can be connected directly to batteries, and the reset function allows for a reset signal to be sent when the LDO regulator voltage drops below a designated threshold.


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August 13, 2015


JAC Records Remarkable Export Growth Despite Sluggish Global Market in H1

(ME NewsWire)-- Leading the industry, JAC Motors’ export grew by 41% year on year during H1 2015. The company’s export size jumped to the third position in China with a total of nearly 40,000 units, undeterred by slow economic growth.

Although the global economy has risen moderately, the emerging and developing markets are recovering slowly. In H1 2015, China’s automobile export was predicted"...

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August 12, 2015


Bose Automotive Earns Global Quality Award from Nissan Motor Corporation

(ME NewsWire) -- Nissan Motor Corporation has recognized Bose with a 2015 Global Quality Award for its contributions in the field of automotive electronics. From more than 5,000 Nissan suppliers worldwide, Bose was one of five companies honored for delivering excellence and quality to the overall performance of Nissan vehicles.

At Nissan’s Global Supplier Award ceremony, held July 14 in Yokohama, Japan,"...

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